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Hey, this is us 👋

An illustration showing a variety of differently themed Octocats. Monuments from different cities are indicated in the background like the Space Needle, Berlin Fernsehturm and Transamerica Pyramid.

Yes, we are building GitHub on GitHub. In fact, weve been doing this since October 19th, 2007. That's when we made our first commit. Since then we pushed over 2.5 million commits, opened over 1 million issues, submitted roughly 650k pull requests across 4357 repositories from over 50 countries 🤯. But that's just us. We are proud to be part of the work of millions of developers, companies and robots across the solar system 🪐. Yes, Robots!

🍿 An interconnected community

The open source community is the 💗 heart of GitHub and fundamental to how we build software today. See for yourself:

  • GitHub Sponsors helped support more than 5k individuals and projects around the world 🌍
  • Open source projects on GitHub received a stunning 218 million contributions 🚀 in the last year alone
  • Every minute a developer creates a new release 🏄 for a public project on GitHub

Now that we are talking about the important things ☝️, are you contributing to open source? Yes? Okay, you rock! 🎸 If not, we can help you get started! Open source software is made by people just like you. Learn more about how to contribute.

🦦 Contributing to the ecosystem

We contribute to the tools 🔧 we rely on to build and run GitHub, while also maintaining 🧙‍♂️ our own open source projects like:

👓 Appendix

See what's next on our public roadmap and let us know if you have any suggestions 🙇‍♂️. Oh, and by the way, we are always hiring talented, passionate people to join our team 🙌.

"Tell me more, I can't get enough!"

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