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# Demo
If you want to see the demo, you can reach the demo by [clicking here]( "") link.
![Demo 1](
# Install
First, clone the file with the following command. Then apply the [component]( "component") and [design]( "design") settings. You can check the [wiki]( "wiki") for help.
git clone
You can then upload your files to any hosting.
# Note
Contributions are what make the open source community a great place to learn, inspire and create. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
If you have a suggestion to make this better, please fork the repository and create a pull request. You can also open an issue with the "Development" tag. If you want, you can also share it in the [discussions]( "discussions") section. Don't forget to give stars to the project!
# License
Distributed under the MIT license. See [LICENSE]( "LICENSE") file for more information.